Family Gallery

Marc and Marnie wedding, Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch, 1973

Marnie and Marc Royal Tombs, 1973

Huaca de la Luna, Chan Chan, Peru

Marnie in Yosemite, 1973

Marnie in Cliff Palace, 1976

Marnie in Park Service jacket provided by Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Disney Airplane, 1976

Marc Gaede, Card Walker, and Marnie Walker Gaede beside the Disney Company’s Gulfstream 1 airplane, Aspen, Colorado, 1976. This aircraft was once the personal airplane of Walt Disney

Marc Gaede working in Ansel’s darkroom, 1977

Marc printed nearly 8,000 of Ansel’s Sierra and Yosemite negatives for the book Yosemite and the Range of Light in this darkroom. He also mounted approximately 800 fine sale prints for Ansel in the five months Marc worked for him as “temporary darkroom assistant.”  Alan Ross was Ansel’s primary assistant during Marc’s tenure.

Tad & Marc, 1977

Photographer Tad Nichols (1911-2000) and Marc Gaede, Bryce Canyon, Utah, 1977. Nichols was the greatest photographer of Glen Canyon before it was flooded.

Hopi Miles, 1981

Miles being initiated into Hopi Water Clan (Patkinyamu) village of Shungopovi, 1981. These “aunties” give his Hopi name after his hair has been washed. Miles’ Hopi name is Nuvataka, which doesn’t directly translate, but roughly means ‘man in snow’


Marnie, Marcus, Miles, Virginia and Ansel Adams, Carmel, California, 1984.


Tracey Eskander (stage manager), Marc Gaede (Associate Producer), Lee Guttenberg (lighting director), and Marnie Gaede, TV show Divorce Court, 1986. Marc worked for two years (1984-86) as a production manager/associate producer in Hollywood.

Hopi Marcus, 1988

Marcus being initiated into Hopi Kachina Clan (Ungwish-wungwa), village of Hotevilla, 1988. His Hopi name is Anqgwusi, which translates to “Crow Kachina”.

Bud & Miles, 1988

A.B. Guthrie Jr. (1901-1991) and Miles Gaede, Choteau, Montana, 1988. Guthrie is one of the great authors of the American West. The state of Montana is called The Big Sky State after his book The Big Sky (1947). The portraits on the wall are of his friends and contemporaries, historian Bernard DeVoto (left) and poet Robert Frost (right). This photograph is reproduced in Guthrie’s autobiography, Blue Hen’s Chick, University of Nebraska Press.

Sea Shepherd 1989

Miles, Marcus, and Marnie Gaede on the Sea Shepherd 11, Los Angeles Harbor, 1989. The ship had just finished the Dolphin Campaign.

Marnie & Myra, 1989

Myra Finkelstein and Marnie in the engine room of the Sea Shepherd 11,1990. Myra is an old hand at Sea Shepherd. She completed her Ph.D. in avian biology, and is an expert on bird lead toxicology. She lives in Santa Cruz, California.

David & Marc 1990

David Howitt and Marc Gaede in the engine room of the Sea Shepherd 11, Driftnet Campaign, 1990.

Marc, Sundance, Marnie 1992

Marc, Robert Sundance, Marnie, skid row, Los Angeles, California, 1992. Marc and Marnie wrote Sundance’s autobiography and published the book in 1994. Marc drove Sundance’s body home to his reservation in South Dakota when died of cancer in 1993.

Marc & Murray, 1998

Marc Gaede and Murray Gell-Mann, Creede, Colorado.  Gell-Mann was the Nobel Prize recipient in Physics in 1969 for his theoretical discovery of Quarks. Murray was a good friend to Marc and Marnie in the mid-1980s, and three of them would occasionally spend a Saturday afternoon “booking,” visiting all the used bookstores time allowed followed by a fine dinner out.

Marc & Farley 1998

Marc with Canadian writer Farley Mowat, 1998

Hominids, 1999

Marc and Hominid Vault Curator, Christopher Kiarie, Nairobi, Kenya, 1999.

Faroes 2000

Left to right: Miles Gaede, Robert Hunter, Marc Gaede, Peter Brown, Sea Shepherd Ocean Warrior, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland, Grind Stop, 2000.

Marnie and Marc, 2002

Marnie and Louise Leakey, 2016

Ivory Burn, Kenya

Marnie and her Virunga body guards, 2016

Bukima, Congo

Marnie with Virunga body guard, 2016

Zaverine, Katale Airport

Marc with mountain gorilla

Marc and his two body guards, Rwindi 2016